The Battle of the Bulge – Helping our Arthritic Pets

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As the weather cools down, we find that a lot of our arthritic patients struggle and start to slow down too. There are many options available to assist arthritic pets and we are happy to discuss these with you on an individual basis. However one of the major ways to ease the burden on arthritic joints is to make sure your pet is not carrying too much extra body weight. This is something that everyone can do.

More often than not, it is the overweight pets we see who struggle the most with arthritis and subsequently, have a loss of mobility. While we still recommend gentle exercise for arthritic pets to keep them moving, what they are fed will play a major role in any weight loss. Maintaining a healthy weight can also reduce the need for additional pain relief medications such as anti-inflammatories.

 If your pet is overweight, we can help!

We know it can be difficult to resist those puppy-dog eyes, so we want to equip you with the right tools to begin their weight loss journey.

Using morphometric measurements (a series of body measurements), we can determine a healthy target weight and design a weight loss program specifically tailored to your pet. This will likely involve feeding a premium diet, such as Hills Prescription DietTM r/d Weight Loss or Hills Prescription DietTM Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution. These diets are scientifically formulated diets which are high in fibre helping your pet feel ‘full’ and high in L-carnitine which helps to burn fat while maintaining muscle mass during weight loss.

It is important to note that weight loss does not happen overnight. Rapid weight loss can be dangerous. The aim for a healthy pet weight loss program is to lose a maximum of 1-2% of body weight per week. Depending on their size, it may take six months or longer to reach an ideal weight. We will be available to support you all the way. Regular contact with our nursing staff and weigh-ins at the clinic will ensure that your pet is achieving their weight loss goals.

Alfalfa – one of our success stories

One of our patients currently partaking in a successful weight-loss program is ‘Alfalfa’ the six-year-old Pug. At his heaviest, Alfalfa recorded a weight of a portly 12.6kg. Alfalfa’s target weight range is 8.5 - 9 kilograms.

Since starting on Hills Prescription DietTM r/d Weight Loss food at the end of January this year, Alfalfa is almost half-way to his goal, having already dropped 1.6kg! He is currently down to a much leaner 11 kilograms!

While he still has a way to go, Alfalfa is definitely showing much more body definition and looking fantastic! We want to congratulate Alfalfa and his family on their dedication and hard work, knowing Alfalfa’s health will only benefit in the long-term.

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