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South Cranbourne Veterinary Surgery will be running our annual pet dental month promotion throughout August to raise awareness of pet dental problems, prevention, treatment and the importance of thorough dental examinations. 

As many as four out of five dogs and cats will have some stage of dental disease by the time they are three years of age, making dental disease the most common disease diagnosed in our pets. Unfortunately pets often won’t show pain, so signs of dental disease can often go unnoticed by their owners.  

A number of factors can make your pet more susceptible to developing dental disease, including poor oral hygiene, old age and breed. Dental disease is more common in smaller breeds of dogs as their teeth are often overcrowded. 

Signs that your dog or cat may have dental disease include: 


  • Bad breath
  • Red/inflamed/bleeding gums 
  • Tartar or staining on teeth 
  • Dropping food or refusing to eat 
  • Abnormal drooling 


There are things you can do at home to help prevent dental disease in your pets. These include:   

  • Regular checks with the Veterinarian.
  • Brushing your pet’s teeth: Although this is not tolerated by many pets, if started young and introduced slowly, it is the best method of preventing dental disease. 
  • Dental diets:  Prescription diets, such as Hills T/D are specifically designed to help clean your pet’s teeth. The kibble are slightly larger and require more chewing than regular kibble. 
  • Food/Water Additives: Products such as Healthy Mouth or Plaque-Off can be added to your pet’s food or water to help prevent plaque build-up. 
  • Chew toys and Treats: Anything that encourages your pet to chew will benefit their dental health. 


Dental cleaning and/or teeth extractions performed at the veterinary clinic are completed while your pet is under full general anaesthetic. This ensures they experience no pain and are not placed under unnecessary stress. It also means that owners get the best value from their pet’s oral health exam because it is thorough and investigates everything above and below the gum line. 


To help get your pet’s oral health back to its sparkling best, South Cranbourne Veterinary Surgery will be providing FREE dental checks and 10% off dental procedures during the month of August. 
(Please be advised that free dental checks involve an examination and discussion on the health of your pet’s mouth only. If you wish to discuss other health issues with the veterinarian, normal consultation fees will apply.)  

If you’d like to book your pet in for their FREE dental check, please call us on 5995 1451. 



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