Heartworm – FREE blood test during April and May 2016

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Heartworm is a potentially fatal parasite found in many parts of Australia. In recent years there have been reported cases in our local area so prevention is now more important than ever. Heartworm is carried by mosquitoes, so all dogs are potentially at risk. A dog who becomes infected with Heartworm can die from heart failure and organ failure.

While dogs suffering from Heartworm infection are very difficult to cure, it is very easy to prevent Heartworm disease with the regular use of an appropriate product. There are tasty meaty chews, flavoured tablets, and liquid spot-on products which are placed on the skin on the back of the neck and used monthly. However, the most convenient Heartworm protection available an injection that is given once a year. This injection is called Proheart. Proheart can be given from 12 weeks of age, with a booster injection at 6 months (usually the time of desexing), then a single treatment once a year (timed with the annual health check and vaccination).

As we all know with a busy lifestyle the dog’s monthly treatment can easily be forgotten. It is very important that Heartworm prevention is given regularly. If a dose is missed your dog will need a small blood test to ensure that your dog has not contracted Heartworm in this period. The use of Proheart as an annual injection helps to ensure that your dog is always fully protected.

For the months of April and May 2016 South Cranbourne Veterinary Surgery are offering FREE in clinic Heartworm tests for those pets who start Proheart injections. If you think that Proheart would make your life easier, contact the clinic for an appointment. We can tailor a preventative health program that is best suited to you, your lifestyle and your pets.

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