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Desexing is an essential part of responsible pet ownership which prevents unwanted pregnancies and straying pets which often result in fight wounds, motor vehicle accidents and lost pets. It also significantly reduces the risk of mammary cancers and prostate problems developing when performed early on in life. All pet owners need this essential service so therefore our desexing procedures are heavily discounted from normal surgery rates to make it affordable for everyone.

Desexing your pet involves removing the reproductive organs whilst your pet is kept asleep under a general anaesthesic. Your pet gets a thorough examination by the vet prior to any anaesthetic. once the heart and general wellness are assessed your pet is gently sedated to make going to sleep and waking up smoother. Your pet is then lightly anaethetised by a quick and short acting anaesthetic injection. This allows a breathing tube to be placed into its airway to maintain a safe level of anaethetic and supply oxygen through. Monitoring of your pets vital signs whilst asleep and postoperatively is performed by a trained veterinary nurse and specialised veterinary Anaestheic monitoring machine. Pain relief is given for the post operative period and a free recheck and suture removal once the wound has healed.

Anaesthetics are quite safe in fit healthy animals but some pets may have underlying problems that increase the risk. To check if your pet has an underlying condition that may affect its anaesthetic we recommend all pets have a blood test prior to the anaesthetic. Keeping your pets safer under an anesthetic requires that we have the ability to counter complications like falling blood pressure quickly and the best way to do this is having them on IV fluids (fluid being pumped directly into their bloodstream). These are offered at an additional cost but are optional to for you to select for your peace of mind as problems with fit young animals under anaesthetics are very rare in our experienced staff's hands.