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Pet Insurance is a great way to ensure peace of mind that you can get the treatment your pet needs without the stress of finding the money to do so. Unfortunately there is no ‘Medicare’ for pets. This means that unlike government subsidised health care for people the full medical costs for pet care need to be paid by the pet owner.

Too often we see people’s pet care options limited by their financial concerns. Having pet insurance eliminates cost constraints on treatment. This means that the ‘premium’ level of treatment is always available for your pet.

Some examples that show how beneficial pet insurance can be include:

  • A cruciate injury in a dog can often require surgery that can cost in excess of $1200
  • A trip to the emergency centre overnight can lead to a $800 to $1500 bill with just supportive care and no significant treatment or diagnostic testing
  • A Snake bite to your pet requires intensive care in hospital, anti-venom and fluid treatment for days that costs at least $2000 and up to several thousand in some cases.

The ability to use pet insurance to cover the treatment of severe illnesses or injuries can give pets a second chance at life they wouldn’t have otherwise had.

How Does Pet Insurance Work?

Unlike insurance for people, pet insurance is generally very simple. Pay your premiums (yearly or monthly) and you get cover for the amount specified in the plan. If you make a claim then you are only out of pocket the relevant excess amount.

The best time to get insurance is before your pet has any problems that may cause them to have exclusions on their cover. Insurance companies will insure cats and dogs from a very young age.

Many different companies are now providing coverage for pets which can complicate the process of choosing cover. The best insurance providers offer blanket coverage for all types of treatment without yearly sub-limits for things like x-rays, surgery or diagnostic testing. It is extremely important to look for whether coverage is life-long or whether they will no longer provide payments for your pets’ care after the current period expires.

We recommend PetPlan® insurance as they offer a complete coverage with the ability to insure and cover ongoing conditions for life. You can contact them through the following link.

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