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A pet's teeth are similar to humans and can suffer from the same painful conditions like tooth aches and infections. Good oral hygiene is as important in pets as it is in humans to prevent teeth rotting, falling out and getting infections. As plaque builds around the teeth and gums the infection underneath eats away at the gum and bone surrounding the tooth. Besides a terrible smell of pus coming from the mouth it is very painful and spreads infection around the body damaging the heart, kidneys and liver.

The easiest signs of dental disease to spot are:

  • Bad breath
  • Yellow staining on teeth
  • Grumpiness about having their mouth looked at
  • Pets with dental pain will chew on other healthy teeth without making a fuss. ONLY once the pain gets severe and they have no good teeth to chew with will they be reluctant to chew toys/treats or eat dry food

There are many ways to help you keep your pets teeth clean. You can drop in or call to speak with our qualified nurses about what would be suitable for you.

Some of the options available at the clinic:

  • A scale and polish under a light anaesthetic to clean the teeth and check under the gums for damage. Extractions are needed if severe dental disease has occurred.
  • A tooth brush and pet tooth paste to clean the teeth by daily brushing like we do.
  • Foods clinically proven to clean teeth as it is chewed.
  • A oral cleansing solution proven to prevent plaque forming on teeth.
  • Dental chew toys and treats.

If you are not sure how to check for dental disease bring your pet in for a check up and during a full nose to tail examination of your pet we will examine the mouth for the presence of dental disease. The veterinarian will then discuss the treatment options for your pet as well as any other concerns found with your pet's health.

South Cranbourne Veterinary Surgery has extensive dental facilities to clean your pets teeth, take dental x-rays and extract problem teeth. For teeth restorations a pet dental specialist may be required and we will assist you in a referral.

For a fresher healthier mouth for your pet call us today to make a booking.