PennHip Hip Dysplasia Screening

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South Cranbourne Veterinary Surgery
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PennHip Hip Dysplasia Screening available at South Cranbourne Vet Surgery to predict chances of hip dysplasia causing arthritis as pets age and to check whether dogs used for breeding have good hips to pass on to their offspring. Its a great investment for breeds prone to arthritis so something can be done early on to prevent or slow the development of painful arthritis.
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South Cranbourne Veterinary Surgery is accredited to perform AIS PennHip Hip Dysplasia Screening. Hip Dysplasia is a developmental problem where the hip joints are too loose and can lead to osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a painful condition which reduces a dogs' mobility as it progresses. PennHip Screening is the only scientifically proven way to detect and measure joint laxity in dogs and predict the chance of arthritis developing as they age. PennHip Screening can be used in any dog at any age. It is essential in breeds commonly affected with Hip Dysplasia when they are young, as early detection of Hip Dysplasia allows early intervention to reduce the chance of debilitating osteoarthritis in the future. PennHip Sceening is also used in breeding dogs to check whether they have 'good' hips to pass on to their offspring. Contact the clinic for more information.