Ten Tips for Helping Pets Live Longer Happier Lives

South Cranbourne Veterinary Surgery

Ten Tips for Helping Pets Live Longer Happier Lives

South Cranbourne Veterinary Surgery

1. Ensure pets are fully vaccinated as early as possible and keep their immunity strong throughout life.

2. Teach pets good behaviour from the start with help from Puppy Preschool, Veterinary advice and Obedience Classes.

3. Desex pets before sexual maturity to reduce risks of cancers, straying and illnesses associated with sexual organs.

4. Have a secure environment for pets to live in to prevent straying which often leads to fights and car accidents.

5. Feed a premium pet food diet that is clinically proven to provide the benefits it promotes. There is a big difference between Premium pet foods like Hills Science Diet compared to cheaper supermarket foods in the quality and control of the ingredients that ensure a perfectly balanced nutrition without deficiencies, harmful excesses or dangerous contaminants.

6. Routine use of parasite preventatives – flea, intestinal worms and heartworm.

7. Ensure pets get regular moderated exercise that keeps them active without putting too much strain on the joints.

8. Regular health checks to keep on top of health issues and changes as they age.

9. Give pets oral health treatments like Hills Vet essentials food, teeth brushing and/or chewing dental treats to prevent teeth becoming rotten, causing them pain and infection.

10. Be prepared for the costs associated with life saving treatments and surgery if your pet gets injured or sick. To assist with this you can consider Pet Insurance if it suits your individual situation.

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