Early Finish Puppy Vaccinations

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South Cranbourne Veterinary Surgery
82 Earlston Cct (Cnr South Gippsland Hwy)
Victoria 3977

03 5995 1451
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Your new puppy needs to have its vaccinations as early on as possible so it can safe to start learning and socialising straight away. Your puppy can finish its vaccination course at 10 weeks of age with us. You should not be worrying about your new puppy getting deadly diseases like Parvovirus or Infectious Canine Cough months after you get them. Come to us so you can go out and show your puppy off to the world and get them learning how to cope with things from as early on as possible. The 30 minute early finish puppy vaccination and examination helps ensure your puppy is healthy and gives you the tips to build a happy, rewarding relationship together.

Your puppy will have a thorough 10 point health check and discussion on parasite prevention, dietary management, behaviour training and any other questions you might have.

Call to book in your puppy's appointment to get them off to the best start possible!