Behaviour Consultations

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South Cranbourne Veterinary Surgery
82 Earlston Cct (Cnr South Gippsland Hwy)
Victoria 3977

03 5995 1451
03 5995 1447

Is your pet causing trouble at home? Vocalising, house soiling, destruction and aggression are all signs of behavioural issues that can benefit from a consult with our vets to help you improve the way your pet behaves. In some cases your pet may have an underlying illness that does not respond to normal obedience training and we need to find the underlying cause. Jack is a member of the Australian Veterinary Behavioural Interest Group (AVBIG) and loves training dogs and cats to create a more trusting and enjoyable relationship with their families. For help with training your dog or cat call the clinic to arrange a check up and discussion on how to make your pets behave better.