Upgraded Health Screening for your pets at South Cranbourne Veterinary Surgery

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We are excited to announce that we have just upgraded our in-clinic laboratory to the most advanced in-clinic blood testing machines. The machines are produced by Idexx Laboratories who are the world leader in veterinary laboratory testing. The blood testing machines come with Idexx Laboratories full support and quality assurance to accurately give Laboratory quality results rapidly in the clinic without sending them off site to their Laboratory.

What does this mean for our clients? We have previously offered a limited range of in-clinic testing with an older Idexx machine but we can now offer a wider range of tests to provide even better care for our patients.

Our in-house pathology services can now provide:

- Quick results for pre-anaesthetic testing prior to surgery

- More comprehensive pre-anaesthetic tests available before surgery

- Rapid results for emergency/critical patients to proceed quickly to treatment of a pet’s illness

- More comprehensive rapid health screens to include thyroid testing, liver function testing, kidney health tests and electrolyte testing.

- Running individualised testing specific to your pet which could save you money

- Ability to get rapid results out of hours

- Idexx pathologist support with result interpretations for complicated cases

There will still be indications to send blood samples to an external Laboratory and this will be discussed on an individual patient basis.

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