Allergies in pets

An allergy, by definition, is an abnormal immune system reaction by the body in response to exposure to a substance. Allergies are multifactorial and triggers can include:

  • contact allergens such as carpets, wool, parasites and grass
  • airborne allergens such as pollens and house dust
  • food

The body’s response to these triggers combines until a threshold is reached causing the allergy symptoms to be evident.

Clinical Signs:

  • chewing and licking
  • red skin
  • hair loss
  • painful skin
  • lumps and bumps on the skin
  • thickened scaly skin
  • recurring ear infections

If your pet is keeping the whole household up at night with their licking, then it is time to see the vet! Allergies can be extremely uncomfortable for our pets and the longer they are left the more complex the condition becomes to treat or manage.

Our veterinarians will examine your pet and perform tests, where appropriate, to determine the cause of allergies and arrange a suitable management plan. For almost all pets with allergies it is a matter of controlling the symptoms rather than a cure. We understand that this is very frustrating for pet owners, but we will work with you to determine the best management plan for you and your pet.

Veterinary medicine is always evolving with new treatments becoming available all the time. The newer ‘anti-itch’ medications available now have revolutionised the way we manage dogs with allergies. We are treating many pets in the clinic with a monthly injection to keep allergies at bay. We find that owners and pets are finding it much easier than daily tablets and it comes with the bonus of less side effects too. Speak to us about how we can keep your pet more comfortable!