We’re looking after our staff, so they can continue to look after your pets!

By now you are all aware of Covid-19 and the risks it poses. At South Cranbourne Veterinary Surgery we are committed to the health of our staff and the community. We kindly ask that you respect our new policies put in place to play our part in reducing the spread of the virus and while keeping our staff healthy.

If you have been overseas in the past 14 days please CANCEL your appointment and DO NOT come to the clinic.

Not self-isolating is against the law.

If you have been overseas in the past 14 days and your pet needs to be seen, please call us and we can arrange an alternative for you.

If you are unwell and have symptoms of cold or flu, please call us prior to arriving at the clinic.

We will meet you in the parking area, collect your pet and contact you via phone to conduct the consultation as needed.

Please stick to your appointment times.

If you are running late please give us a call. Appointments are booked to minimise extended waiting time and minimising the number of people in the waiting room. We may need to re-schedule your appointment if we cannot see you in a timely manner.

We are following Government recommendations on social distancing, please help us in achieving this.


Please keep at a distance of 1.5 metres from others.

We may also ask clients to wait outside or in the car for appointments to prevent excess people in waiting room.

Please use our hand-sanitiser when you enter and leave the clinic.

NO CASH. Where possible please use CARDs for payment.

 We thank you for your cooperation at this difficult and challenging time for us all.

Kind regards,

Dr Jacinta, Dr Jack and the team at South Cranbourne Veterinary Surgery