With the rapid change in Coronovirus situation in Australia, The Government are strictly enforcing social distancing and limiting numbers in enclosed buildings. We are implementing new safety measures at South Cranbourne Veterinary Surgery to ensure we comply and do our bit as everyone needs to. The health and wellbeing of our team, clients, patients and community are paramount at this difficult time for us all. Please familiarise yourself with the following and share with your friends and family members who attend our clinic.

The front door will be locked, however our team will be on site during our regular opening hours.

Patients will be seen on an appointment basis so please call the clinic on 5995 1451 to make a booking. When you arrive at the clinic we ask that you ring the doorbell or call us on 5995 1451 and we will assist you with instructions for getting your pet into the clinic. As per the Government directive please stay at least 1.5metres from other people waiting at the clinic or wait in your car.

If clients have tested positive for Covid-19, are meant to be in self isolation or have been in known contact with a person infected with Covid-19 you MUST disclose this information to the clinic when making a booking.

Alternative arrangements will be discussed with you to ensure your pet receives treatment they need whilst our team and other members of the public are kept safe.

Only staff and patients are permitted inside the building.

In the interest of social distancing patients will be collected from clients in the carpark, examined by the vet and the consultation will be completed over the phone with the owner. Individual circumstances for euthanasia of pets can be discussed as necessary.

Telemedicine appointments available to existing clients for non urgent problems.

Appointments using WhatsApp are available for existing patients, only if the situation is appropriate. Unfortunately this will not always be appropriate and will depend on the patient’s condition.  Please contact the clinic on 5995 1451 to discuss and make an appointment with reception.

Medications and food can be collected in the carpark.

To order medications and food for your pet please call the clinic on 5995 1451. Once ready payment can be made of the phone, and the product can be bought out to your car. For people in self isolation or the elderly, medications may be able to be dropped at your door if there is no one to help get the medications for you.

We kindly ask that payments are either made over the phone, or via card. Where possible we ask that CASH is avoided.

Some procedures and appointments may need to be postponed at this time. If you are affected, we will be in direct contact with you as soon as possible.

These are all temporary measures while the strict government restrictions on number of people in a premises and social distancing rules are in effect. We hope to be back to normal soon. We thank you for your understanding during this difficult time and hope that you all stay safe.

Kind regards

Dr Jacinta, Dr Jack and the team at South Cranbourne Veterinary Surgery