Ava is 10 week old Chihuahua puppy. Ava presented to us soon after she stopped using one of her front legs. She had been happy and healthy at home up until a play session that afternoon resulted in her injuring her leg. Brave little Ava was examined by Dr Jacinta and she was found to have some instability in her right carpus (the doggie equivalent of our wrist). Ava was given pain relief and an x-ray was taken which confirmed a fracture of her radius (the main bone in her lower foreleg). This fracture was very closely involving the growth plate for the radius. Growth plates are the region of the bone from which lengthening of the bone and growth occurs. Damage to this area can cause growth abnormalities as a pup develops.  

Given that Ava weighed only a tiny 1 kilogram and her fractured bone measured 4mm wide, surgically correcting this fracture was quite a challenge!!! Dr Jacinta collaborated with a specialist veterinary surgeon and arranged for him to complete the surgical fixation at South Cranbourne Veterinary Surgery. The surgeon delicately placed two cross pins in the tiny bone to stabilise the fracture.  

Ava had lots of cuddles to make sure she stayed warm and had an excellent recovery. One week after surgery the bandage was removed from her leg and her mobility was assessed. Ava was able to fully weight-bear on her leg allowing her to walk and move around comfortably. She still has some recovering to go and we will be monitoring her progress closely as she continues to grow and develop.  

This has been a great outcome for Ava, the surgeon and her dedicated owner!