For some of our patients a trip to the vets can be stressful and this is turn can make the whole exercise difficult for owners too. We are always striving to minimise pet (and owner) stress levels at our clinic. We are excited to announce we are partnering with Ceva Animal Health to use Feliway® and Adaptil® continuously in our clinic to reduce pet stress and make visits as comfortable as possible. Dogs and cats naturally use pheromones as a method of communication. Feliway® and Adaptil® are synthetic pheromones that mimic a pet’s own pheromones they naturally release when feeling safe and calm.

For dogs, we will have an Adaptil® diffuser running full time in the consult room, waiting room and hospital to help relieve your dog’s stress.

For cats, we can also supply a Feliway®-infused cage liner up to 24 hours prior to your visit to use in your cat carrier. This can help to make the journey in the car less stressful too. Please ask our receptionist when you next book an appointment for your cat. A Feliway®-infused cover can also be placed on your cat’s carrier when they arrive to help make them feel more secure. This will also be placed with them if they need to stay in hospital.

We look forward to observing the benefits to our patients and would love some feedback on the effects seen in your pets. If you feel that your pet may benefit from use of Feliway® or Adaptil® in your own home please speak to us about options available.