Bedding: As the weather gets cooler some pets start to spend more time snuggled up in their beds and who can blame them! You can make a few simple adjustments to their bedding to make sure that they are protected from the cold: 

  • Elevate the bedding off a cold floor where possible  
  • Add extra blankets  
  • Move away from drafts (near doorways or windows)  
  • Pet heat pads/mats 

Winter Jackets: Most dog and cat breeds have thick fur to help keep them warm, however when they are outside in the elements or on a walk they may still benefit from the addition of a jacket. Pets that have shorter or thinner hair coats, pets that are skinnier or older pets can feel the cold a lot more so considering a pet jacket for them will give them extra coverage from their neck to the base of the tail as well as their belly. Remember to make sure that the jacket is the right size for your pet and covers them properly and does not restrict any movement.  

Indoors/shelter: Providing your pet with access to your home even when you aren’t around is a good way of helping them stay protected from the elements this winter. If this is not possible then we advise that you give your pet access to a weatherproof enclosed area such as a kennel or cat igloo to give them a comfy place to curl up while you are out. Fill these spaces with blankets and where possible elevate them off the ground and place them in a spot outside that gets the most shelter from the wind and the rain.  

Exercise: Even though we may not want to get out of the house exercise is still important in the winter months. Gentle walks can help to keep our pet’s stiff arthritic joints moving and keeping their weight in check, whilst providing mental stimulation to combat boredom of being housebound.